Hi! I'm Katja Piscitelli, a 23 year old fitness lover and Speech-Language Pathology grad student from Sacramento, CA. I practiced ballet for 15 years before ever picking up a weight. It has now been 5 years of consistent weight training and I love it more each day! 


 I started my fitness journey as many do. I was confused as to what would get me results. Trying fad diet after fad diet to lose the weight quickly, just to gain it back even faster. I eventually fell so prey to the rampant diet culture bullshit that is spewed by the media, that I developed anorexia/orthorexia. Through trial and error I eventually learned how to get fit in a sustainable and enjoyable way. And STAY fit forever, without sacrifice. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can achieve. I want to help YOU feel empowered in your own skin, without giving up any of your LIFE! 

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